December 1-4
2014 Global Symposium on EMC,
SAFETY and Product Compliance
Engineering (GLOBESPACE)
Tel-Aviv, Israel 


IEEE EMC Annual Symposia Schedule

2015:  March 15-20
Santa Clara, California, U.S.A.

Caroline Chan, 408.742.8050

2015:  August 16-22
Dresden, Germany
Hans Georg Krauthäuser,
+49 (0)351.463.33357

2016:  July 25-29
Ottawa, Canada
Qiubo Ye, 613.998.2769
Kris Hatashita, kris.hata@gmail.com

2017:  August 7-11
Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

Mike Violette, 301 216 1500 ext 102

2018:  May
Beijing, China (International)

Er Ping Li, eplee@ihpc.a-star.edu.sg

2018:  August
Long Beach, CA, U.S.A.

Ray Adams r.k.adams@ieee.org

2019:  August
New Orleans, LA, U.S.A.

Dennis Lewis, dennis.m.lewis@boeing.com

IEEE EMC Board of Directors and Standards Committee Meetings

Please note the Standards committee meetings of the IEEE EMC Society are held in conjunction with the EMC Board meetings listed below. All Standards committee meetings are open to anyone with an interest in EMC standards. To attend a Standards committee meeting at one of the locations below, contact Don Heirman at d.heirman@ieee.org.  Board meetings are also open to those interested in the administration of the EMC Society. For information on the Board meetings, contact Janet O'Neil, 425.868.2558, j.n.oneil@ieee.org. Your involvement is welcome!

August 3 and 7, 2014      
Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A.



EMC Chapter Colloquium and Exhibition
“Table-Top Shows”

May 6, 2014
Chicago, Illinois

Speakers and topics to be announced
Itasca Country Club
Itasca, Illinois 
Frank Krozel, Electronic Instruments
Email:  frank@electronicinstrument.com


May 8, 2014
Detroit, Michigan

With speaker Doug Smith of
D. C. Smith Consultants
Canton Summit on the Park
Scott Lytle, Yazaki North America
Email:  scott@emcsociety.org

If you would like to add your name to the list of exhibitors to receive direct announcements in advance of these upcoming tabletop shows, please send an e-mail to j.n.oneil@ieee.org.