Issue #3 | March 4, 2014
2014 IEEE EMC Symposium on EMC - Raleigh NC

On Maxwell:
The 150th Anniversary of Maxwell’s Equations
James Clerk Maxwell was a man of prodigious and singular gifts, of insight, curiosity and determination. The equations, developed 150 years ago, describe the link between the classical and quantum worlds of physics.

James, or Jamsie as he was known to his family, was born in 1831 in Edinburgh Scotland. He was a precocious young man and, after the death of his mother, he was sent to study at the Edinburgh Academy where his gifts were soon to blossom.

James was a country kid, observant and curious and pursued many activities that were spurred by his natural inquisitiveness.  Although he was brutally teased when he entered Edinburgh Academy for his odd vestments, square peasant-like shoes and funny Galloway accent (he was christened “Dafty” by his schoolmates) he dove intensely into his studies, a broad mix of mathematics and philosophy.  He mastered Greek and received the epitome of a classical education.

One of his friend’s mother summed him up thus: “His manners are very peculiar; but having good sense, sterling worth, and good humour, the intercourse with a college will rub off his oddities.”


NC's Beloved Lighthouses

Cape Hatteras: A Moving Story
Cape Hatteras: A Moving Story
This black and white icon of light-housery was originally built in 1802 and rebuilt in 1870. When constructed, she was 1200 feet from the ocean. By the 1980s, the westward creep of Hatteras Island put her 120 feet from the surf, threatening the structure.
In 1999 she was moved nearly 3000 feet from its original location and should be safe for a few hundred more years.
Height: 187'
Bricks: 1,250,000
Number of steps: 268 steps
Brightness: 800 kcandles from two 1 kW lamps
Location: 35°15′01.92″N/75°31′43.74″W 

Barbecue Rocky Mountain Elk!

Invite all of your friends!
- 1 Medium-Sized Rocky Mountain
   Elk (600 to 650 lbs)
- 200 sweet onions
- 11 pounds of carrots
- 40 bulbs of garlic
- 5 pounds coarse salt (divided)
- 4 pounds medium-hot
   McCormick© chili powder
- 2 gallons Sarsons © malt vinegar
- 3 gallons water
- ½ cord seasoned hickory logs
- Pepper to taste

Butterfly and clean elk. Hang for three days in 30-40 degree weather. The meat should not be allowed to freeze (the rack may be left on as a decoration during serving, but it makes turning the elk more difficult).
While the elk is hanging, prepare the barbecue sauce:
Coarsely chop onions and garlic and mix together in a large cauldron over a medium-hot flame. Sauté until onions are translucent. Remove and set aside. Chop the carrots and cook until softened. Return onions and garlic to cauldron. Add one-half of the salt, chili powder and vinegar. Heat and simmer until solids are dissolved (usually about ten minutes).
Skin the elk, wash with warm water and pat dry. To tenderize, we recommend a 48-blade Jaccard meat tenderizer (available here: Pound the elk fully using the tenderizer, concentrating on the haunches and shoulder areas. The tenderizer is useful for softening the meat and also allows the marinade to soak in.
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